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Headventures in the Underworld is an Action Puzzle isometric co-op game where players need to use the body and the spiritual head of their character, separately, to defeat enemies, solve puzzles and beat Beelzeboss to recover their heads!

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  • Isometric 2 player co-op action
  • Challenging puzzles
  • 3 different head shapes = 3 different play styles
  • 7 different powerups
  • 5 unique enemies
  • One really mean boss


  • 2 XBOX 360/One controllers
  • A buddy to play with


  • Project Manager: Luis Gustavo de Arruda Sampaio
  • Programmers: Cassio Silva and Renan Alves
  • Level Designers: Don Mostert and Scott Bradford
  • Artist: Javier Garcia

Please note that this is a demo. For more information to get the full game contact us at headventuresteam@gmail.com


HeadventuresInTheUnderworld_Demo.zip 654 MB


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Great game, wow