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Endless is a 2D side scrolling action platformer that takes place in a supernatural cyberpunk world. A mysterious man, split into human and spirit forms, wields his sword to fight enemies trying to rescue his daughter.

!! This game is best experienced with a XBOX 360/One controller !!

A README file inside the game's folder shows the keyboard controls.


  • Fast paced action
  • Defeat enemies using two different forms with different abilities
  • Combo attacks
  • 4 different enemies
  • Multiple endings
  • Amazing visual effects and audio

This game was created in 2 months as a student project.

  • Project Manager: Luis Gustavo de Arruda Sampaio
  • Programmer: Renan Galuppo Alves
  • Artist: Matthew Weijia Sun
  • Level Designer: Killian Silva Carlson

Install instructions

After unzipping the folder, run "Endless.exe" to open the game's configuration window. Select your desired screen resolution and graphics quality, plug your controller and press "Play!".

The folder contains a "README" file which shows the keyboard controls for the game. This is not recommended as the game was intended for controller.


Endless FINAL v1.08.zip 136 MB


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The game is really cool, I enjoyed it. I didn't understand much of the story but the gameplay was awesome